Celebrating Exceptional Growth

Celebrating Exceptional Growth

Andi Jacobson

Andi Jacobson

Marketing Team

Over recent months, PE (previously Pozitive Energy) has received noteworthy recognition for its remarkable growth, achieving milestones that underscore our commitment to excellence:

5th Fastest Growing Energy Supplier in the UK: We take pride in being named the 5th fastest-growing energy supplier by Elexon. This accolade is a testament to the diligence of our team and our unique dual identity as both an energy and tech company. This synergy empowers us to deliver competitive advantages to the market.

Ranked 18th in the UK Fast Growth 50 Index for 2023: Acknowledged as the 18th fastest-growing business in the Midlands and East of England, this recognition is part of the esteemed Fast Growth 50 index. We’re the highest-placed utilities provider on the list!

Essex Limited 2023 List: Top 100 & Fastest Growing: Securing a position on this list of the county’s 100 largest privately-owned companies based on turnover is a significant achievement. Notably, we are spotlighted among the most profitable and fastest-growing businesses. It’s essential to highlight that this evaluation was based on the 2021/22 year, and since then, we have made substantial strides forward!

We attribute this extraordinary growth to our exceptional team. Their unwavering dedication and efforts have played a pivotal role in our success. A heartfelt thank you to each one of you for your contributions to PE’s journey of achievement and expansion.

Here’s to sustained success and the anticipation of exciting milestones in the future!

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